spellbound_dc (spellbound_dc) wrote in gothpromo,

The Cruxshadows Immortal Tour
An ALL AGES event on Thanksgiving Night
When the turkey is done, come have some fun
and give thanks for great music!
It's better than pie!


The Cruxshadows will be featuring music
from their latest album for this tour
that will be complimented by
a new guitarist and two new violinists.
They've brought a new dancer into the fold
with new routines for an exciting
and unpredictable stage show.
This event is going to be absolutely fantastic!
Don't miss it!

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster

Tickets will be available at Spellbound
every Saturday night
and you can also purchase tickets from
DJ Liebchen at Midnight and Ascension in Baltimore
Because it's a holiday
and most people have off the next day,
tickets have been selling online daily.
We highly recommend getting your ticket soon!
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